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Currently providing Cleaning, Decontamination, Repair and Restoration Services under contract form

military clothing and equipment, Wahconah utilizes a unique & proprietary technology offering low impact

cleaning services. The Company has an experienced team that has deep background in textile

development, government program management, first responder gear, industrial laundry, repair and

restoration services. Components previously considered non-cleanable, or unable to be machine cleaned,

can now be efficiently and effectively cleaned and decontaminated. 


Wahconah’s state of the art cleaning systems are NFPA compliant. The water wash temperatures,

 extract g force and detergent pH were specifically designed with the NFPA guidelines in mind.


The combination of the science of the proprietary detergents and the technology of the hydraulic wash

 process, allows us to process an extremely wide range of items, regardless of the contamination, to lab

 proven, USDA Food Grade Clean.    CONTINUE READING


For fire fighters, carcinogens are the lingering
dangers they face after every call. These cancer -
causing elements can stay on PPE and clothing; our
cleaning process with Esporta machines is
NFPA approved. Our restoration and repair services   extend the service life of commonly replaced personal protective equipment without degrading any of its protective properties. A variety of repairs and restoration services may be conducted by our staff experienced in handling bunker gear, military uniforms and equipment.