Wahconah Group is a diversified marketing, manufacturing and service company, working in

consumer markets and with the U.S. government.

It offers a variety of branded apparel and accessories to college and fraternal organization

through its Loyalty Brands Division, located in a 21,000 square foot facility in Cleveland, Ohio.

Its Tactical Services Division provides cleaning, decontamination, repair and restoration of

uniforms for defense and first-responder organizations. These services are housed in a 10,000

square foot facility in Fayetteville, North Carolina.

As a marketing and sales-oriented apparel company, Wahconah Group , designs, sources,

manufactures and sells branded apparel and accessories to colleges and fraternal

organizations—featuring the 100-year old Rivetz of Boston brand of fashion-forward neckwear

for men, women’s scarves, ribbon belts and other accessories .

With the acquisition of Global Neckware Marketing, Wahconah Group will now be able to

expand its own product lines and marketing efforts, particularly for a variety of branded

products and apparel for various organizations and retail outlets. The Global Neckwear

marketing and manufacturing operation is located in Wahconah Group’s facility in Cleveland, Ohio.